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Feeling Like An A-Lister

A-ListerGoing out in Hollywood has become a lot more work lately. I mean, the clubs are getting even more crowded than usual. My girls and I went out to SupperClub on Friday night to see Ice Cube. It was a great show, Cube was totally on his game and the crowd was totally into it. But getting in was such a hassle.

The line took forever and while security was respectful for the most part, there were a few guys who were getting pretty surly with the patrons who had come out for the show. Not that I can say I blame them. We saw a few pretend VIP’s hassling the doormen because they weren’t getting in fast enough and we noticed a couple of parties who thought a lot more highly of themselves than perhaps they should have. I mean, come on, we’re all here to see the same show, we all have tickets, they’ll get us all in on time. No one has any patience anymore I guess.

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Before the Glamour

Before the GlamourThings have been so hectic here in accounts payable at the Place That Shall Not Be Named, I’ve barely had time to eat a good meal. I got to thinking about it, you guys may not even be aware of what it is I do here. It’s invoices. Lots of invoices. About 1500 invoices. A WEEK. Entering them into our payroll data system, making sure they’re the right amount and that the checks are printed to reflect the same numbers. Sometimes we also wire the money, usually to our biggest vendors.

That’s every week as well. I also have to make sure the purchase order numbers match up and that means talking to Sally in the sales department, who is always the sweetest, nicest gal to talk to, even when she’s having a lousy day. Then there’s Rafael in customer service, he’s cool too, I think he likes me a little and it’s awfully sweet of him…but I’ve got a boyfriend and his name is Ryan. You may have heard of him, last name Gosling ;P Anyway, Rafael handles all the customer orders and if there’s a discrepancy between an invoice and an order that’s been shipped we handle that as well.

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Stars Must Have Accessories for Summer: Bathing Suits to Tactical Watches

summer celebritiesWell good God, summer is finally here! I don’t know about you but this is by far my favorite time of year. The sun is out, it’s warm, and people are hitting the beach. Actually, now that I think about it, that’s everyday of the year in SoCal. Damn I love it here!

I thought it would be fun to take a quick look the clothes and accessories our favorite stars bring out when they’re hitting the beach every summer.


If you’re going to the beach you NEED a convertible. There’s nothing the stars love more than the warm ocean breeze through the hair as they cruise the PCH. For most of us the closest we get to having the top down is to open all our windows. Somehow it’s just no quite the same.

Panama Hat

Here’s one we can all make happen pretty easily and cheaply. Hats come out in force during the summer months and this years favorite looks to be the panama style hat. Don’t ask me where the name comes from because I went to Panama once and didn’t see one of these. Anyhow, these fashionable hats looks great on the beach, on your yacht, or while cruising in your convertible.


You gots to have shades! This year, like the past few years, the Ray-Ban Wayfarers are the style to have, for both men and women. These have been around for over 50 years and don’t show signs of going anywhere soon.

Sport Watch

If you’re going to be hanging out outside then you need a watch that’s waterproof, can stand a few bumps and scrapes for when you’re fighting off the paparazzi, and looks amazing. This year, I’m seeing a lot of tactical watches, like these, at the beach and all over Hollywood.  I did a little digging and they’re actually pretty great watches. Very tough and they come with a lot of useful features. Not many for ladies though! :(

Bathing Suit

I almost forgot the most important piece of summer clothing! How else are you going to show off that hot bod without a swimsuit?!? For ladies, it’s going to be a skimpy bikini kind of year. Trust me. For gents, European style short shorts. Better start working on that upper thigh tan!

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The Billboard Music Awards

Billboard music awardsOne of the biggest nights of the year in music happened last night in Las Vegas. The fashion, the performances, the flubs and the hologram; it all went down on Sunday. I wish I had gone, but not this year unfortunately. We had tickets for Ice Cube in Los Angeles, but all our favorite websites like TMZ, Hollywood Life, Perez Hilton covered everything from beginning to end. The awards aired on TV obviously, so we had a viewing party and you can bet the show delivered! Here’s a rundown of all the best and worst moments of the night that we were still talking about the next morning…

The Fashion and the Looks – There were all kinds of fashion do’s and dont’s on the Red Carpet and on-stage on Sunday night. Nicki Minaj’s black dress showed all kinds of underboob, supermodel Chrissy Teigen showed off her new bangs while Kesha had pink hair. Katy Perry had green pig-tails. Neither look was my favorite to be perfectly honest; both girls are gorgeous, why did they feel the need to mess with their hair? Speaking of Katy Perry, she rocked a sheer, nude bodysuit with carefully placed balloons all over it. If I’m not mistaken, this is a similar take on another bodysuit she’s worn before. Teasing her nudity behind balloons is a look that she’s definitely given us before. As usual, I have no idea what the heck Miley Cyrus was wearing in her performance with The Flaming Lips.

The Performances – Ludacris was the host and he did a great job keeping the proceedings moving along briskly. These awards shows can be boring sometimes, but he didn’t miss a beat. Lorde debuted a new song which was pretty good, while Jennifer Lopez and Pit Bull kicked off the show with the new official song for this year’s FIFA World Cup. It’s called We Are One (Ole Ola) and it was hot hot hot! Then there was the aforementioned team up of Miley and the Flaming Lips, covering The Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

It was an okay rendition that had Miley overdoing it just a bit, but then what  else do you expect? John Legend and Ariana Grande performed as well, but the two biggest moments of the night were Robin Thicke and Michael Jackson. That’s right the King of Pop is back…from the dead?? It’s no secret that Robin’s song, Get Her Back, is another attempt in his ongoing effort to get back together with his wife Paula Patton. It was a nice heartfelt performance, you can tell he really wants to get back with her, but is it all an act? He wasn’t wearing his wedding ring after all.

Then, there was Michael Jackson. Much like the hologram performance of Tupac at Coachella a few years ago, MJ was back on-stage performing a whole new song, called Slave to the Rhythm. It was actually a song he first recorded back in 1991 for the Dangerous album, but it was never used. That might explain why he was dressed in similar garb that he was rocking back then, including the gold jacket and red pants. The song has finally been released as part of a new album that is coming out this month. The performance was pretty cool to watch and for fans of the King of Pop, a welcome return of an icon!

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Celebrity Legal Round-Up!

bieberYou make millions of dollars, you’ve got millions of fans who adore you, and you’re in the national spotlight because of your talent or good looks. You’ve got fame and fortune, you touch countless lives on a daily basis and just about everybody would give anything to trade places with you. Yet there you are, in handcuffs or being investigated by the Sheriff’s Department for being a flat-out douchebag.

What’s with all these celebrities getting into trouble with the law? I mean, okay, maybe some public drunkenness once in awhile, that I can understand. Celebs like to party and sometimes the partying gets a little bit out of hand. Sit your sorry ass in the drunk tank for a few hours, sober up, pay a fine, do the community some service and move on. But no, we’ve got celebs committing some serious crimes and the habitual offenders don’t ever seem to learn their lesson because they keep getting in trouble and it’s probably because, more often than not, they’re not sentenced to do any real time.

But there have been a number of ongoing cases getting some attention, with routine scofflaws making yet another appearance on the pages of TMZ or the local Los Angeles news (because out here, celebrities are part of the news cycle…you wouldn’t see half the stuff that gets coverage from Fox 11 on any other local news stations throughout the country, but hey, that’s Hollywood for ya).

Chris Brown, The Biebs, even Lindsay’s back in the news again. Plus the sports world has been particularly busy breaking the law, with football players past and future all finding themselves in various degrees of trouble. Aaron Hernandez, formerly of the New England Patriots, is in seriously deep poop. Oh and then there was that whole Jay-Z/Solange thing…no one’s been arrested for that, but the guy who released the video of it to the public, yeah he got fired for doing so. Anyway, without further ado, here are the latest celebrities who’ve been rounded up by the authorities:

Justin Bieber can’t keep himself out of hot water. Already under investigation for felony property damage, not to mention his douche-y deposition in that case where his bodyguard roughed up a photographer, and of course the DUI thing in Miami, and then there’s the Selena relationship. Well you can add a new one to the Bieber hit parade; he’s being investigated for attempted robbery and possible assault. He allegedly attacked a woman and her daughter who were trying to take pictures of him at a batting cage in Sherman Oaks. According to reports, he tried to rip some woman’s cell phone out of her hand when she was taking pics of him. He grabbed it from her roughly to see if there were photos of him on it and when he couldn’t open the phone because it was password protected, he gave it back to her and demanded he unlock it…all in front of her 13 year old daughter who started crying after Bieber started screaming at the woman. Nice. Then he started at screaming at people around him. The woman filed a report with the LAPD. More to come, I’m sure!

Chris Brown is getting 131 more days in jail for violating his probation in the Rihanna case during a fight in Washington D.C. Chris was sentenced to a year in jail, but with prison overcrowding in Los Angeles, and time served, he’s just got 131 more to go. Good luck Chris!

Lindsay Lohan is claiming she suffered a miscarriage in a deposition stemming from a $5 million lawsuit brought against her over the “clothing company” she used to be involved with, who’s failure was a result of her bad reputation. Now she’s claiming she couldn’t respond to the lawsuit because she was in rehab and suffered a miscarriage. Remember folks, she’s under oath when she fills out this paperwork. So if the miscarriage is a lie, she’s perjuring herself. Not good.

The NFL has no shortage of scofflaws either, the most notorious being Aaron Hernandez. Behind bars already, awaiting trial for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd; now he’s been indicted on the drive-by murders of two other men in 2012. He was doing all of this as a member of the team, who had even signed him to a lucrative contract extension.

Video surfaced of Jameis Winston stealing those crab legs from a Publix supermarket in Tallahassee. The evidence is there, he walked out with the food on purpose…the video even shows him stealthily shadowing a security guard before making a direct exit right behind the man and hightailing it away from the scene. It appears he knew exactly what he was doing…

Well that’s it for now. I’m sure there will be plenty more bad behavior from our favorite celebs and you can be sure I’ll recap all of it for you next time!

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Hollywood’s Most Eligible Bachelor No More

George ClooneyHell has frozen over. That is clearly evident with the news this week that George Clooney is engaged! Yes, the man who claimed he had no interest in marriage is doing just that with a woman by the name of Amal Alamuddin. No she’s not an actress or model, in fact she’s seemingly come out of nowhere and in what appears to be a relatively short period of time, at least for George, they’ve decided to tie the knot.

Here’s what we know about this mysterious Lebanese-born, British woman; she’s a high-powered attorney. According to Showbiz Daily on CNN’s website; she’s works in international law, criminal law, human rights, and deals with extradition. She’s was a legal adviser to judges at the International Court of Justice, a senior legal adviser to the prosecutor of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, and has represented Julian Assange of WikiLeaks as well as the Royal Court of Bahrain. She’s currently representing the country of Cambodia in a territorial dispute with Thailand. So right off the bat, this woman is worldly and she’s very smart. Considering George’s involvement in various human rights organizations, not to mention his global charity work in Darfur and other areas worldwide, it’s not hard to see that they clearly have some things in common!

Ms. Alamuddin graduated from NYU Law, is fluent in French and Arabic, and has traveled the world presumably for her work. She’s also 16 years younger than George at 36, while he’s 52. While George doesn’t seem to have a “type” she’s quite attractive but not in that typical Hollywood way. She appears to have a sense of glamour, but doesn’t come across as someone who likes to flaunt what she has, choosing to appear somewhat more understated in photos that I’ve seen.

George has certainly been linked with a lot of the industry’s most beautiful women, and while he may not have the track record of some of these other Hollywood horn-dogs, he does have an extensive track record. In fact, George seemed to have a longer track record per relationship than any of the current leading men in Hollywood. Having dating women such as Vendela (remember her?), Lucy Liu, Krista Allen, Lisa Snowden, and most recently, Elisabetta Canalis and former WWE superstar Stacy Keibler; George seemed to be mellowing with age, as the lengths of his relationships grew longer.

He was with Vendela and Lucy for short periods of time, but once he started dating Lisa and Krista, George appeared to at least be giving monogamy a try. Lisa Snowden, perhaps one of the least well-known of George’s relationships – at least in the US, she was a model and television star in the UK – was with him for five years. The longest of his relationships, followed by shorter two year stints with Elisabetta, and Stacy. Of course there were some very short-lived couplings with the likes of Teri Hatcher, Charlize Theron, Renee Zellweger, even Pink if the tabloids are to be believed…which they rarely are.

But now, George has finally found the one and it looks as if they’re both very happy together. I will try my best to be happy for him as well, now excuse me, I need to go put in my copy of Ocean’s 11 and fantasize about what could have been between us.

It could have been amazing. Of course, it also could have been very short-lived.

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